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who skateparks is an experienced concrete skatepark design and skatepark construction 
firm based in Kennebunkport, Maine.  We have been building municipal, commercial and private skateparks all over the United States for over 25 years.

Skate and bike parks are growing faster than ever and so is the number of riders who are looking for their own slice of heaven. 

who skateparks
is among the top municipal, commercial and private skatepark builders in North America.  We specialize in skatepark design and skatepark construction. We have decades of collective experience and a passion for quality that cannot be matched.  We have assembled a crew of some of the country's best street and transition skaters who realize how crucial a properly designed skatepark with the smoothest possible riding surfaces is for the success of a top-notch concrete skatepark.  We are a fully self-contained concrete and shotcrete specialist with our own traveling crew and equipment.  We have over twenty-five years experience in commercial/municipal site-work and construction.  Experience that keeps your project on time, on budget and built with the highest level of quality.

Over the last 25 years, who skateparks has been an industry leader in designing and building skateparks for municipal use.  We have had the pleasure to work closely with kids, skaters, advocacy groups, City Halls, Parks and Recreation Departments and countless other community members and local business owners to build the best concrete municipal skateparks in North America.  A majority of the materials used to build our solid, poured-on-site concrete skateparks are purchased locally in your area, giving your own economy a boost.  There are many community benefits to adding one of our concrete skateparks to your city or town.

who skateparks wants to build a long-lasting, premiere concrete skatepark for you.  Contact us today and download a copy of our 2012 Catalog PDF.

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